Pharma & Biotech

With increase in life expectancy and literacy, demand for certain therapeutic and lifestyle segments has increased substantially. Due to many small players in the industry, competition is very high and fragmented which calls for timely clinical trials and strategic action to capture a share in the market. With our customized research will help you effectively analyse complex challenges in this dynamic industry.


Medical technology devices have become essentials for our healthcare warriors to diagnose, cure and collect medical information of patients. Therefore, healthcare device makers need to continuously evaluate and upgrade digital strategy options to capture patient data and its validation.

Hospitals & healthcare

Healthcare has become one of India’s largest sectors - both in terms of revenue and employment. With consumers becoming more conscious towards their healthcare upkeep, the demand has increased substantially for specialized expertise. Consequently, hospitals and healthcare management need to improve on work-flow efficiency, cost reduction, elevating patient and staff satisfaction and optimizing operations with better use of technology.

Education & Social

EduTech & Trainings

Education has remained broadly the same for hundreds of years. The trend is changing tremendously with adoption of technology and gamification of learning. However, with irreplaceable classroom learning and financial constraints, we assist you to tackle the challenges in strategizing and operationalising a method to integrate both online and offline models.

Public Health & Policies , Social Enterprises & NGO

Social enterprises and NGOs are required to create a more responsive business environment that adds economic and social value with a mission to make world a better place. We aid these organizations in incubation for potential social ventures and build a relationship beyond economic purpose.

Technology Media & Telecommunications

Internet of Things

IoT products or smart devices is the future of digitized households. With the acceptance of virtual assistants, the growth of these devices will be manifold. To build a tomorrow’s digitized landscape, firms need to invest resources in building a trust among consumers about these products at the same producing them cost-efficient.

Software & Services

Software is something which has eased human life and reduced manual labour substantially. However, there are numerous software and services available in the market which leads to customer confusion. We help technology firms with

the deep understanding of trends to develop an effective Go to Market strategy and employ right set of communication channels to promote and showcase the functional utility of their products and services.

Media & Entertainment

Evolution and disruption in media and entertainment industry is unmatched with any other industry. Digital platforms have changed the way people spend time for recreation and delight. Sweeping digital transformations require seamless integration of new channels to achieve deep customer engagement along with safeguarding Intellectual Property Rights of the producer and artists.

Internet & Telecom

Online Retail

Increasing customer expectations demand a mix of both online and offline retail and companies need to focus on sustainable solutions to acquire customers with new business models and tailored strategies.

B2B Marketplace

With globalization, B2B e-commerce has moved from “Bricks and mortar” to “click and mortar” space. And as this new paradigm project immense potential, deciding parameters for the accelerated growth will always be how it can add value to a B2B relationship with the increasing digitization of entire business.

Food & Travel Tech

Changing consumer lifestyle and preferences have boosted need for food and travel technology platforms. Consumers affinity towards discounted business model require these companies to effectively manage their operations to reduce cost and provide the best possible service in reasonable price.

Consumer & Retail

Retail industry is going through an enormous amount of change. Customer behaviour is changing, and their expectations are higher than ever. Our extensive and exhaustive research methodologies will help retailers to understand and invest their resources in the upcoming trends like omnichannel retail strategies, provide a personalized retail experience and attend the growing culture of immediacy.

  • Food & Beverage
  • Personal Care
  • Luxury Goods


The industrials sector is witnessing a rapid change due to advent of Industry 4.0, Internet of Things (IoT), cognitive and cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence, creating a street-smart factory. Our triangulation research approach for Industrials will prepare you to acquire the front end of innovation and digitizing the manufacturing processes fluently in the changing business environment.

  • Manufacturing
  • Chemicals
  • Automotive
  • Transportation
  • Logistics
  • Sustainability